Telemedicine Program

Telemedicine Program

In an effort to protect our patients that may be vulnerable or have mobility limitations,
Makris Vision Group now offers a Telemedicine Program.

To your door or in your community, we have created a controlled environment that is safe for everyone.

This is how it works.

Call to schedule your telemedicine consultation.
We will schedule two different appointment times.
One for the examination, and a second to speak with Dr. Makris.

You will need to tell us:

1) Your living situation. (House, apartment, floor)

2) If you need assistance getting to the telemedicine unit

3) Are you in a wheelchair?

4) Do you own a phone or tablet?

5) Do you prefer to speak to Dr. Makris over the phone or video call?

6) If you prefer a video conference, please tell us your preferred platform: Facetime/Zoom/Google video call/Skype

We will come to your home if you live in independent housing.

We will come to your community if you live in a group home, apartment complex, or condominium.

We will arrive and call you upon arrival.

We will assist you in getting into the telemedicine unit.

Our experienced technicians will do a thorough examination of each eye and send the tests to Dr. Makris.

Dr. Makris will call you with your results on the time slot you selected when you made the appointment.