Our Technology

our technology

Makris Vision Group strives to provide the best and most up to date technology to our patients.

Over the last 30 years, Dr. Makris has developed the most efficient and personable eye surgical facility based on our patients needs.

As an independent entity, Makris Vision Group can decide and implement the latest technology in equipment and implants immediately.

Lens implant before insertion during cataract surgery


Makris vision group is proud to be the only practice in the area to offer this new technology that allows the surgeon to perfectly align the implant inside the eye during cataract surgery to correct the patient’s individual astigmatism.

This technology also allows for more predictable surgery outcomes, and increases efficiency and accuracy.

Verion projects a visual guide for lens implant insertion.
It also helps the doctor assess which implant is right for you.

Our Latest Lens Options


The first and only FDA-approved, biodegradable, intracameral implant indicated to reduce intraocular pressure in patients with open angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension via a sustained-release drug delivery system.

This implant can help reduce the pressure inside the eye in patients who have glaucoma or ocular hypertension, reducing the amount of eye drops needed in regular treatment.

Questions? Give us a call to make an appointment with Dr. Makris. We will help you decide which lens implant will give you the best outcome within your budget.

What our patients have to say...

I was nervous and in a lot of pain for four months but when I walked in the office and each staff member greeted me and introduced themselves it reduced my anxiety. The doctor was fantastic. Thank you for your service.

Beth G.

The entire staff is pleasant and professional!

Gail F.

After 60+ years of extreme nearsightedness, I can now see almost 20/20 thanks to my cataract surgery by Dr. Makris. No more glasses or contact lenses; the freedom is great. The entire process was painless as well as professional. I can’t recommend them enough!

Victoria R.

Excellent service – caring professional staff, nurses, everyone – and great surgeon. A+ would recommend!

Ginger M.