The only ophthalmology practice in Muncie dedicated exclusively to eye care. We are the longest-running Opthalmology practice in Muncie!

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The only ophthalmology practice in Muncie dedicated exclusively to eye care.

We are the longest-running Opthalmology practice in Muncie!

Dr. Makris is committed to excellence and serving your complete eye care needs.

Makris vision group

Makris Cataract Center

Makris Vision Group offers the Most Advanced and Latest Technology in the World today, right here in Muncie.

The ONLY ophthalmology practice in Muncie that offers TOTAL eye care for life

Since 1993, Makris Vision Group has been providing Central Indiana with comprehensive eye health services focusing on the management of cataracts. Using the most advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques, Dr. Makris has performed over 30,000 successful eye surgeries at the only independent eye center in Muncie. 

Makris Vision Group has
the most advanced lens implant options the BEST and LATEST technology

Makris Vision Group Offers the LARGEST lens options and has the BEST and LATEST technology in Muncie

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Early detection of eye disease is critical to long term eye health.

Dr. Makris came to Indiana in 1979. After graduating as an eye surgeon in 1993 from Indiana University, his vision was to find the right location and facility to create an environment that best serves his patients needs. In 1993 he established his eye center in Muncie, Makris Vision Group. Dr. Makris opened his surgical facility dedicated exclusively to eye surgery in 2000 and has performed over 30,000 successful eye surgeries. Makris Vision Group has been in its current location since established.

In a world of consolidation, greed, and corporate management of practices, we've stayed fiercely independent and provided world class eye care for the last 30 years.

Dr. Makris is available to every patient should they have any questions about their treatment or our services. Whether you need eye surgery, would like to be fitted with contact lenses, or just need a vision check up; we can help. Our team of professionals work hard to make appointments that work around your schedule at our eye care center in Muncie.

Thank you for allowing us to fulfill our dream and destiny to serve you in the most comfortable way possible.

Customer Reviews

Makris Vision Group

Customer Reviews

Herb B.

Very responsive and professional medical care!

Cynthia C.

I found everything, from beginning to end, exceeded my expectations. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The expertise, compassion, and efficiency was above and beyond from any I have ever experienced.

Carty W.

Thanks to all of the staff and surgeons who took the time to make me feel more special than imagined. Please keep up the good work!

Deborah N.

I feel I had the best of the best all around care and compassion I have ever received. My heroes - from what I saw and heard, everyone got the same care. Very impressed.

Mary V.

Really good group of people. I was very satisfied that there was not a lot of waiting.

Ginger M.

Excellent service – caring professional staff, nurses, everyone – and great surgeon. A+ would recommend!

James M.

You get professional care here. On time, friendly staff, excellent surgeon, nurses, everyone. Tops! Would recommend!

Tammy B.

I was so impressed by the level of care. It was so awesome that there was more than one person taking care of me at all times. I felt special.

Larry B.

The hands that create sight are as precious as the eye! Without Dr. Makris’ gifted hands, the gift of sight might be lost! Eyes are so precious, along with Dr. Makris’ precious hands that keep them seeing.

Beth G.

I was nervous and in a lot of pain for four months but when I walked in the office and each staff member greeted me and introduced themselves it reduced my anxiety. The doctor was fantastic. Thank you for your service.